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What Business Owners Should Know about Cease and Desist Letters

In the course of operating a business in California, situations may arise in which another party tries to use your protected materials without permission. This is not uncommon, especially here in California where so many businesses thrive based on inventions, creations and other highly protected products and services.

What is a Trade Secret?

To remain competitive in the marketplace, businesses often need to provide something special to consumers and clients. This might include faster service, a better product or unique solutions. In any of these cases, the information or method that gives your company its edge may be classified as a trade secret.

Supreme Court Weighing Arguments Regarding Employee Class Actions

Fighting legal battles with employees and former employees can consume massive resources and put the future and success of a business in jeopardy. Because of this, California employers typically take steps to prevent disputes and avoid litigation when possible. One way to do this is to attempt to prohibit workers from filing class-action claims in an arbitration agreement.

What happens after a party breaches a contract?

If you own a business in Los Angeles, you know that maintaining successful relationships with customers, contractors, vendors and other partners is crucial. You should also know that oftentimes, these relationships and the deals that come with them are defined in writing with a contract.

Can a company lose a trademark?

As a business owner, you protect your most precious brands and assets through copyright and trademark. These legal safeguards are part of the success of some of the world's most well-known products and services. These products can become so well-known that their name could be used interchangeably with other products; for example, you might say Kleenex to mean tissue or Band-Aid to mean bandage. Now, one of the world's most popular events could suffer from the overuse of its name.

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