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Disputes Between Partners Or Shareholders Can Turn Ugly

Last updated on February 25, 2021

Many companies have partners or shareholders who are deeply involved in every aspect of running the business. This can be beneficial, but it can also lead to disputes that need to be resolved with the help of an attorney.

Baker & Associates is a Los Angeles-based law firm. Attorney Scott Baker has unique experience working with businesses, particularly in complex litigation. He is ready to aid you in complicated disputes and protect your business.

We Help In A Variety Of Situations

Whether involving partners or shareholders, disputes can be damaging to a company financially and limit the longevity that your company is able to achieve. Our firm helps clients facing disputes such as:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Dissolution of partnership
  • Compensation issues, whether involving partners or employees
  • Minority shareholder rights
  • Self-dealing
  • And more

Issues like these can quickly become very messy, because involved parties may allow emotion to control their actions when stakes run high. It is important to have an aggressive advocate. Attorney Baker is approachable and sympathetic to our clients and their issues, but fights hard for their interests whether inside or outside of the courtroom. By having an ally that understands what needs to be done, you can protect not only yourself, but also your company.

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