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Protecting Your Passion-Project

People all across California dream of cashing in on their "side-hustle," or "passion-project" they pursue outside of their regular job. As is the case with any business venture, there is no guarantee of success, but there are people who have turned their passion-project into a successful business.

Challenges Arise When Classifying Gig Economy Workers

If you operate a mid-to-large sized business in California, you likely have a diverse workforce consisting of different types of workers. While many of them could be full-time, regular employees, it is becoming increasingly common for such companies to hire freelancers or independent contractors as well.

Do You Need a Copyright, Trademark or Patent?

Protecting intellectual property is a high priority for business owners across California, particularly in areas such as technology, transportation, entertainment and other highly competitive industries. Everything from branding to marketing can hinge on if and how a business protects the creative elements that set it apart from others.

Incorporation 101: Incorporating your business

After several years of blood, sweat and tears, your business is a success. But getting your fledgling company off the ground was only the first step. Your company has all the potential to grow, which means you may want to consider the advantages of incorporating your business

4 Reasons It Can Pay to Resolve Business Disputes Quickly

When business disputes arise, they don't always start out as serious issues. As such, it can be tempting for owners and employers to dismiss them or hope the situation resolves itself. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. In these situations, something that started as a small dispute can become a major problem.

Instagram image share leads to lawsuit

Intellectual property rights matter, no matter what that property is used for. In an era where every action is an opportunity for a Facebook, Instagram or other social media post to promote your brand, any business needs to remember that copyrights matter. This doesn't just refer to using a popular internet meme or a screenshot somebody else shared. It could even be an image of you or your company.

How Can I Keep Private Business Information Private?

The processes and products that separate one business from the competition are often quite valuable. Business owners therefore want to be sure that they protect the features that set them apart and give them an edge over their competitors.

There are numerous ways California business owners can do this. We discuss a few approaches in this post, though you are encouraged to discuss all your options with an experienced attorney to protect information.

Critical Elements of Change Order Provisions

Construction projects and change orders often go hand-in-hand. Throughout the course of any project, situations, conditions or preferences can change and alter how the project will continue. As such, it is crucial to have clear directions for change orders in any construction contract.

The provisions that are in place can have a dramatic impact on the cost, scheduling and process of making changes during the course of a project, so be sure that your contract includes the following elements:

3 Potential Defenses to Construction Defect Claims

Defects in construction can cause a number of problems for property owners and contractors. Some problems are easy to resolve and cause little more than a brief delay or minimal added costs. Other problems, however, are far more troubling and difficult to resolve.

Three Reasons Why A Firing May Be Wrongful

Most employment relationships in California are "at-will" relationships, meaning either an employee or employer may terminate it at any time for any reason, as long as the reason is not illegal. If an employee is terminated for an unlawful reason, then they can file a wrongful termination lawsuit seeking damages from an employer.

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