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Three Reasons Why A Firing May Be Wrongful

Most employment relationships in California are "at-will" relationships, meaning either an employee or employer may terminate it at any time for any reason, as long as the reason is not illegal. If an employee is terminated for an unlawful reason, then they can file a wrongful termination lawsuit seeking damages from an employer.

Are There Limits to Copyrights?

Protecting intellectual property is crucial for any company or entrepreneur in a competitive industry because it allows them to maintain an edge over their competition. As such, many intellectual property owners copyright materials so that other parties cannot use them without authorization.

The Logistics of Merging with, Acquiring Companies

Mergers and acquisitions are highly complicated business transactions that must be entered into with careful consideration. It is not as easy as a one-time transaction or purchase, and there are financial, employment and organizational implications to think about.

Navigating local hiring requirements

In the construction field, contractors face different constraints with publically funded construction projects. One of the limitations of city-funded projects is a local hiring requirement where a predetermined percentage of a project's workforce must come from the surrounding geographic area to promote the local economy.

Proposed Bill in California to Prohibit Confidentiality of Product Defect Settlement Agreement Fails

It seems that we regularly read news stories about defective products. You don't have to search too hard to find a current report on a defective airbag, children's toy or construction element.

Lawmakers Propose a Bill Requiring Trucks to Have Side Guards

Complying with state and federal trucking regulations is a significant responsibility for those operating in this industry. There are equipment, training, hiring and operational obligations that must be observed properly or the companies could face major consequences.

UPS plans using block chain technology to improve service

Technology is changing the way business is conducted throughout the world. In the transportation industry, driverless trucks are quickly becoming reality for logistics companies. As these trucks are rolled out in the years ahead, logistics firms will need to adjust to new regulations and deal with safety concerns.

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