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Practical Solutions On Employment Issues

Last updated on February 25, 2021

Businesses face many external challenges, but the threat of litigation from an executive, employee or former employee can be equally damaging. These disputes require swift action, skill and discretion to resolve as efficiently as possible.

At Baker & Associates, we bring decades of experience to employment law matters throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California. Our clients, spanning an array of industries, rely on us for strategic advice, aggressive advocacy and support of their business goals.

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Dedicated To Your Best Interests

Even the most diligent employer can become involved in a dispute regarding alleged discrimination, harassment, contracts, wage and hour violations or retaliation. For example, a court in California ruled that a mandatory day of rest needed to be scheduled for employees based on the number of hours they work in a day. But what does this mean? And how does it affect your business? We can help answer those questions and more.

Litigation may feel threatening and uncomfortable to our clients, but dispute resolution is an environment in which we thrive. We take care to make ourselves available and put our clients at ease so we can resolve disputes as smoothly as possible.

Our small team of attorneys is united by a single-minded dedication to our clients’ best interests. While many larger firms focus on logging hours, we focus on getting results. We work closely with employers to understand their broader goals and values, then aggressively but intelligently protect those values in negotiations or litigation.

How We Can Help

Our lawyers also offer ongoing advice and counsel in employment law matters. When considering any action that may affect employees, we can help you understand your responsibilities under state and federal employment laws, allowing you to minimize your exposure to liability and make decisions with confidence.

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