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Is your employee stealing company cash?

You've noticed a change in sales lately but can't find a reasonable explanation to account for the losses. You don't want to believe that one of your employees has been stealing money out from under you, but your suspicions are growing. You believe that someone in accounting may be to blame. However, before you confront an employee, you'll want to know for certain that you're confronting the right person and can provide evidence to back up your claim.

Employers Have Difficult Decisions to Make during Worker Shortage

California employers have a lot to think about when it comes to hiring workers: the type of employee, whether to pay them on and hourly basis or salary, the rate of pay, the types of standards they to enforce, and many more issues. Unfortunately, these decisions aren't always strictly in an employer's hands. Sometimes, they depend on much larger factors, like the available workforce and the economy.

3 Options for Resolving a Construction Defect Dispute

While the vast majority of owners' complaints involving construction work on their home or building can be classified as "cosmetic" in nature, other seemingly minor issues should be considered defective work which can be problematic. Not only can they be costly to repair, but they can lead to more serious issues such as window or pipe installations that could cause damaging water intrusion; electrical problems can cause excessive energy consumption and possible fire hazards; and in rare cases innocent looking cracking could be a sign of structural failure or foundational problems.

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