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Should Age Requirement Be Lowered for Interstate CDL?

Driving a truck can be a grueling, demanding occupation, especially for drivers who travel across the country. Not only do drivers face the risk of getting in an accident, they also need to find ways to cope with the long hours of sitting behind the wheel. As such, it is important for trucking company owners to hire people capable of performing the job safely and in accordance with state and federal trucking laws.

Protecting Your Passion Project

People all across California dream of cashing in on their "side-hustle," or "Passion Project " they pursue outside of their regular job. As is the case with any business venture, there is no guarantee of success, but there are people who have turned their Passion Project into a successful business.

Challenges Arise When Classifying Gig Economy Workers

If you operate a mid-to-large sized business in California, you likely have a diverse workforce consisting of different types of workers. While many of them could be full-time, regular employees, it is becoming increasingly common for such companies to hire freelancers or independent contractors as well.

Do You Need a Copyright, Trademark or Patent?

Protecting intellectual property is a high priority for business owners across California, particularly in areas such as technology, transportation, entertainment and other highly competitive industries. Everything from branding to marketing can hinge on if and how a business protects the creative elements that set it apart from others.

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