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Protecting Intellectual Property for Individuals

Previously in this blog, we have discussed how important it is for businesses to protect their intellectual property. However, protecting intellectual property is not something reserved for business entities; individuals can also benefit from such protections.

Do You Need a Copyright, Trademark or Patent?

Protecting intellectual property is a high priority for business owners across California, particularly in areas such as technology, transportation, entertainment and other highly competitive industries. Everything from branding to marketing can hinge on if and how a business protects the creative elements that set it apart from others.

Instagram image share leads to lawsuit

Intellectual property rights matter, no matter what that property is used for. In an era where every action is an opportunity for a Facebook, Instagram or other social media post to promote your brand, any business needs to remember that copyrights matter. This doesn't just refer to using a popular internet meme or a screenshot somebody else shared. It could even be an image of you or your company.

Are There Limits to Copyrights?

Protecting intellectual property is crucial for any company or entrepreneur in a competitive industry because it allows them to maintain an edge over their competition. As such, many intellectual property owners copyright materials so that other parties cannot use them without authorization.

How can you secure and protect your trade secret?

Can you imagine if every soda company on the planet had access to Coca-Cola's recipe? Or if every fast food chain knew the secret spices that went into Kentucky Fried Chicken's meals? If either of those things were true, then every soda company would make Coca-Cola and every fast food restaurant would make KFC chicken. The secrets that these companies have are valuable because of the secrecy behind their products. If their trade secrets were public knowledge, there would be no reason not to copy them.

Resolving Intellectual Property Disputes through Mediation

Staying competitive in the market is crucial for any business owner, whether you operate a small logistics company or a large tech business. Part of being competitive involves protecting the tools, solutions, and products that give you an edge over other companies.

Trademark Law Applies to the Senses

Every aspect of starting a business takes time and energy. Owners expect their investment into the business to reciprocate -- to pay back and prosper. When a competitor uses similar language or imagery, it creates brand confusion, a loss of customers and a loss of income.

What Business Owners Should Know about Cease and Desist Letters

In the course of operating a business in California, situations may arise in which another party tries to use your protected materials without permission. This is not uncommon, especially here in California where so many businesses thrive based on inventions, creations and other highly protected products and services.

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