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Forming new policies? How employers should move forward

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | employment law

Creating and enforcing effective company policies is a key responsibility of any employer. After all, they are the rules that inform the operation and conduct of the business and its employees.

It can be a challenge to make new policies and adjust its rules, but change is inevitable, so evolving your business solutions to such change is critical for the continuing success of the business.

The circumstances of the last couple Covid years have forced many employers to rethink and create new policies, with the increasing trend of remote work, the emphasis on safety and health in the workplace and responses to changes in state and federal laws. Some employers may have to adjust their policies due to recent disputes or lawsuits they faced as well.

Regardless of the reason for creating new policies – or changing current ones – there are a few key issues that employers must consider.


Policy change/creation requires a strategic approach. During that process, employers should:

  • Consider the necessity: Many circumstances demand a new policy – especially legal precedents or changes. Even so, employers should still carefully evaluate how a new policy will help. Too many policies or stringent policies can be counterproductive.
  • Scrutinize every step: Employers must analyze the policy’s goals and potential effects. They should evaluate the language of the policy, as well as their plan for implementing it. Obtaining several perspectives on the policy can be beneficial. It could also be helpful to have a knowledgeable business attorney review the policy as well.
  • Make sure it is legal: Unfair policies are a common reason why employers face lawsuits. This is clear with the passing of the CROWN Act, which bans hair discrimination in dress codes and company policies. Therefore, employers must also take care to review California and federal laws to confirm that all new policies comply with the law.

Establishing new policies also requires employers to implement them effectively. Employers must also make sure they create the proper communications and training to enforce the new policy effectively.


In addition to making new policies, employers must review their policies regularly to ensure they are still legal and effective.