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Could Artificial Intelligence Transform Construction Sites?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | construction defects, Firm News

Construction defects, heavy machinery operation errors and failed safety precautions can all put people in danger of being hurt or killed on a construction site. These dangerous conditions can, therefore, lead to serious penalties for noncompliant parties. As such, there are numerous state and federal regulations with which companies and property owners must comply.

However, even when people comply fully with the law, accidents can and do happen due to the nature of these environments. Understandably, there is a major push to identify new solutions to improve safety on construction sites.

Recently, for instance, one company known for making video game technology is reportedly working with machinery giant Komatsu, which manufactures heavy construction machinery such as earth movers, dumper trucks, and hydraulic excavators, to develop solutions to make construction sites safer.

According to this article from Equipment World, Komatsu and NVIDIA are working together to bring artificial intelligence to construction sites. They plan to do this by equipping heavy machinery with intelligent cameras that can constantly assess their surroundings and gather valuable data. Eventually, they hope to also create autonomous machines.

Once in place, the technology is expected to constantly monitor surroundings, identify hazards and then engage measures to avoid the hazards. The goal is to minimize human error to improve job site safety, which can save lives and save companies considerable amounts of money.

Innovative solutions like this are rapidly progressing in industries like construction and heavy machinery. However, while these solutions are often exciting and ambitious, it is important for businesses to think carefully about the impact of adopting new technologies.

Not only is it typically a massive financial investment to adopt new technological solutions, it can also involve legal risks that leave a company vulnerable to certain challenges and disputes. Companies in these industries would, therefore, be wise to have legal representation when it comes to implementing new solutions in their business.