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4 Reasons It Can Pay to Resolve Business Disputes Quickly

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | business litigation, Firm News

When business disputes arise, they don’t always start out as serious issues. As such, it can be tempting for owners and employers to dismiss them or hope the situation resolves itself. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. In these situations, something that started as a small dispute can become a major problem.

Because of this, it is crucial for business owners to take disputes seriously and address them sooner, rather than later. Doing so can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

  1. Swift resolutions can keep details quiet. The longer a problem goes unresolved, the easier it can be for information about the dispute to be shared. This is especially true if the other party feels a business owner is not actively engaged in finding a solution.
  2. It can minimize customer impact. Disputes between businesses and partners or vendors can adversely affect customers. For instance, a contractual dispute between Walgreens and a drug manufacturer could threaten the availability of life-saving medications for patients if they cannot reach an agreement, as discussed in this article.
  3. Fewer resources need to be spent on litigation. If a dispute can be resolved before it goes to court, neither party needs to spend additional time, energy or money on litigation.
  4. It may be easier to find an agreeable solution. Addressing a problem right away is an indication that business owners or employers take the situation seriously and are committed to finding a resolution. This can send a positive message to the other party who may be more amenable to working together to find a solution.

While there are business disputes that are too contentious or complex for swift resolutions, others can be resolved with little or no unnecessary fallout when parties take the situation seriously from the beginning.

With all this in mind, business owners in California would be wise to discuss potential disputes with an attorney as soon as possible. With the benefit of legal guidance and resources, business owners can address problematic situations while also staying focused on running their business.