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The Experience You Need In Construction Litigation

Construction projects require careful cooperation between potentially dozens of parties, including contractors and subcontractors, architects, financiers and banks, clients, insurers and government regulators. If any party fails in its obligations or its promised timeline, everyone else involved suffers. Often, it is construction professionals who experience the most immediate hardship.

Baker & Associates is a California firm offering experienced construction litigation representation to clients in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about how we can help you collect the money you are owed, call our office at 310-904-6724 or send us an email.

Answers To Common Construction Litigation Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions we are asked about construction litigation:

Q: How can I get paid? Do I need to go to court?

A: If you are a contractor or subcontractor and haven’t been paid for the work you have already done, there are legal remedies available. Going to trial for a lawsuit alleging breach of contract is an option, but it can sometimes be avoided if lesser measures prove to be effective. Our firm often pursues mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution first. One such option, explained below, is the filing of a mechanic’s lien.

Q: What is a mechanic’s lien?

A: Also called “construction liens” or “property liens,” these are claims placed on the property for unpaid compensation. Putting a lien on a property clouds the title, making it difficult to sell the property until the lien is resolved (typically by satisfying the debt).

Q: What happens if a construction defect is discovered or alleged?

A: Whether due to error, poor workmanship or other factors, there are times when construction work is simply insufficient. In such cases, the property owner may file a construction defect claim, alleging problems with the design, products/materials, the construction process or operation/maintenance.

These cases can be complex and are often won or lost on seemingly minute details. Whether you are a property owner plaintiff or a construction professional defendant, our firm is ready to vigorously represent you in legal proceedings.

Q: Can a contractor be sued for delays in construction?

A: Yes. Contracts often have fines built in for each day that a deadline isn’t met. But delays become trickier if they are unforeseen circumstances or occur for reasons that may be outside of a contractor’s control. It also matters whether the delays impacted what’s known as the “critical path” of the project’s completion.

Again, these cases are nuanced and require the help of an experienced construction law attorney. We have decades of experience in this area and can represent clients on either side of a lawsuit.

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