Contracts form the foundation of any construction project, and their terms can mean the difference between failure and success. At Baker & Associates, we help owners, architects, contractors, developers, artisans, designers, homeowners associations and management companies develop strong and forward-looking contracts designed to meet their goals.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing existing construction contracts to provide advice, analysis and clarification
  • Identifying and preventing potential disputes
  • Modifying contracts to fairly allocate risks and responsibilities
  • Drafting contracts tailored to clients' specific needs
  • Negotiating difficult provisions to achieve favorable agreements acceptable to both parties
  • Mediating and litigating contract disputes

Our attorneys strive to draft contracts that leave minimal room for error or misinterpretation, but some disputes are inevitable. When litigation becomes necessary, we are aggressive litigators with a record of success in courts throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

Success Is Not Just Our Business; It's Personal

We are not content to "go through the motions" simply to achieve an acceptable outcome and collect a fee. Every time we help a client, we take the opportunity to solve that client's problem, continually setting the standard for service and results.

To support these results, we engage a team of respected industry experts, including engineers, architects, contractors and cost estimators. Their knowledge and insight complement our lawyers' decades of legal experience, forming a team that is united in its dedication to your success.