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Could Artificial Intelligence Transform Construction Sites?

Construction defects, heavy machinery operation errors and failed safety precautions can all put people in danger of being hurt or killed on a construction site. These dangerous conditions can, therefore, lead to serious penalties for noncompliant parties. As such, there are numerous state and federal regulations with which companies and property owners must comply.

Does Your Organization Need an Employee Handbook?

No matter the size of your enterprise, having an employee handbook can benefit your organization. A handbook summarizes company policies and gives employees a roadmap for what is expected. It's also a way to promote your brand and culture internally. As workplaces evolve, a handbook can help protect your organization against misunderstandings and potential lawsuits.

The perils of the hiring process for employers

The hiring process is a nervous time for both the prospective employees who apply for the open position, and the employer that is trying to hire the most talented applicant available. There are many things to consider on both sides, but today we want to focus on the employer and what they must do in order to ensure a successful and litigation-free hiring.

The first thing to realize about the hiring process is that there are many different questions that the interviewer is not allowed to ask the applicant. For example, they can't ask if the applicant is considering having a child. They can't ask about the race, religion, age, or sexual preference of the applicant. And they can't ask about the disability or citizenship status of the applicant.

Big Companies Snapping Up Electric Truck Reservations

Efficiency and meeting deadlines are the top priorities for any transportation or logistics company. In an effort to meet these priorities and compete in a highly competitive industry, some business owners take risks others may not be willing (or able) to take.

How can you secure and protect your trade secret?

Can you imagine if every soda company on the planet had access to Coca-Cola's recipe? Or if every fast food chain knew the secret spices that went into Kentucky Fried Chicken's meals? If either of those things were true, then every soda company would make Coca-Cola and every fast food restaurant would make KFC chicken. The secrets that these companies have are valuable because of the secrecy behind their products. If their trade secrets were public knowledge, there would be no reason not to copy them.

It is for this reason that companies must protect their trade secrets. They hold immense value and they allow you to differentiate your service or product from other companies. So how do you go about securing your trade secrets?

Resolving Intellectual Property Disputes through Mediation

Staying competitive in the market is crucial for any business owner, whether you operate a small logistics company or a large tech business. Part of being competitive involves protecting the tools, solutions, and products that give you an edge over other companies.

3 Ways to Resolve Disputes if Construction Disrupts Your Business

The holiday season is the most important time of year for many California business owners, as it can be the final push to maximize profits. With all that is on the line, any issue that jeopardizes business can be catastrophic. One such issue is construction work.

Inaccurate Records Lead to Claims of Fraud, Breach of Contract

Accuracy, clarity, and specificity are crucial when it comes to drafting (or signing) a contract. Failure to prioritize these elements can lead to confusion and, in many cases, costly litigation. Recently, issues stemming from contract language and inaccuracies spurred a dispute between the operators of a stadium and a security company they hired to work events for 14 months. 

Trademark Law Applies to the Senses

Every aspect of starting a business takes time and energy. Owners expect their investment into the business to reciprocate -- to pay back and prosper. When a competitor uses similar language or imagery, it creates brand confusion, a loss of customers and a loss of income.

Employee or Independent Contractor? Why the distinction matters

Many Californians prefer to work in non-traditional workplaces or under a non-traditional work structure. As such, there has been a dramatic increase in so-called "gig economy" jobs, or jobs on a freelance or short-term basis.

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