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When you could be liable for your employees' driving habits

Transportation plays a critical role in today's workforce, whether people work in the transportation industry or travelling is just a part of their job. As an employer, you probably have in place specific policies related to traveling, from approving expenses to tracking work hours away from the office.

New CA law requires female representation on board of directors

California business owners should be aware of a recent announcement by Gov. Jerry Brown. According to a law he signed last week, California will be the first state in the U.S. to require certain types of companies to have female representation on their boards of directors.

Protecting Your Passion Project

People all across California dream of cashing in on their "side-hustle," or "Passion Project " they pursue outside of their regular job. As is the case with any business venture, there is no guarantee of success, but there are people who have turned their Passion Project into a successful business.

4 Reasons It Can Pay to Resolve Business Disputes Quickly

When business disputes arise, they don't always start out as serious issues. As such, it can be tempting for owners and employers to dismiss them or hope the situation resolves itself. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. In these situations, something that started as a small dispute can become a major problem.

Inaccurate Records Lead to Claims of Fraud, Breach of Contract

Accuracy, clarity, and specificity are crucial when it comes to drafting (or signing) a contract. Failure to prioritize these elements can lead to confusion and, in many cases, costly litigation. Recently, issues stemming from contract language and inaccuracies spurred a dispute between the operators of a stadium and a security company they hired to work events for 14 months. 

What happens after a party breaches a contract?

If you own a business in Los Angeles, you know that maintaining successful relationships with customers, contractors, vendors and other partners is crucial. You should also know that oftentimes, these relationships and the deals that come with them are defined in writing with a contract.

California Construction Contractor Sues for Breach of Contract

Here at Baker & Associates in Los Angeles, we represent construction-industry clients like contractors and developers in a wide range of business issues, including construction contracts. Construction contracts are extremely complex with provisions about project specifications, deliverable dates, delays, insurance, materials, financing and more.

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