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New legislation puts trucking industry at risk

Several months ago the California State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 5 in which they codified the landmark decision of Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles, No. S222732 (Cal. Sup. Ct. Apr. 30, 2018), which increases protections to gig workers or contractors. This bill would require all employers to have workers take the ABC test to determine if they are employees or independent contractors. The state Supreme Court established this test in a controversial 2018 case.

Trucking Companies, Truckers Plagued by Parking Problems

Parking may not seem like a serious issue to most motorists. At most, it can be an infrequent, sometimes expensive, headache. However, for those in the trucking and transportation industry, parking is among the most stressful parts of a driver’s job. It is also creating considerable challenges with regard to complying with federal regulations and avoiding financial waste, according to a recent report.

Should Age Requirement Be Lowered for Interstate CDL?

Driving a truck can be a grueling, demanding occupation, especially for drivers who travel across the country. Not only do drivers face the risk of getting in an accident, they also need to find ways to cope with the long hours of sitting behind the wheel. As such, it is important for trucking company owners to hire people capable of performing the job safely and in accordance with state and federal trucking laws.

The Logistics of Merging with, Acquiring Companies

Mergers and acquisitions are highly complicated business transactions that must be entered into with careful consideration. It is not as easy as a one-time transaction or purchase, and there are financial, employment and organizational implications to think about.

Lawmakers Propose a Bill Requiring Trucks to Have Side Guards

Complying with state and federal trucking regulations is a significant responsibility for those operating in this industry. There are equipment, training, hiring and operational obligations that must be observed properly or the companies could face major consequences.

UPS plans using block chain technology to improve service

Technology is changing the way business is conducted throughout the world. In the transportation industry, driverless trucks are quickly becoming reality for logistics companies. As these trucks are rolled out in the years ahead, logistics firms will need to adjust to new regulations and deal with safety concerns.

Top 6 Innovation Trends or Issues Faced by Logistics Companies in 2018

Business owners must consistently stay on top of the latest innovations, or see their market share erode. New and dramatic shifts are already underway in the logistics and transportation industries, which will affect every aspect of your business in 2018.

Big Companies Snapping Up Electric Truck Reservations

Efficiency and meeting deadlines are the top priorities for any transportation or logistics company. In an effort to meet these priorities and compete in a highly competitive industry, some business owners take risks others may not be willing (or able) to take.

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