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Report: Construction Disputes Taking Longer to Resolve

Construction disputes are not uncommon across California, whether parties clash over construction defects, enforcing the terms of a contract or liability issues. Often, there are several parties involved in a single project, which means there are plenty of opportunities for arguments, oversights and errors, which can and do lead to legal disputes.

3 Options for Resolving a Construction Defect Dispute

While the vast majority of owners' complaints involving construction work on their home or building can be classified as "cosmetic" in nature, other seemingly minor issues should be considered defective work which can be problematic. Not only can they be costly to repair, but they can lead to more serious issues such as window or pipe installations that could cause damaging water intrusion; electrical problems can cause excessive energy consumption and possible fire hazards; and in rare cases innocent looking cracking could be a sign of structural failure or foundational problems.

3 Potential Defenses to Construction Defect Claims

Defects in construction can cause a number of problems for property owners and contractors. Some problems are easy to resolve and cause little more than a brief delay or minimal added costs. Other problems, however, are far more troubling and difficult to resolve.

Navigating local hiring requirements

In the construction field, contractors face different constraints with publically funded construction projects. One of the limitations of city-funded projects is a local hiring requirement where a predetermined percentage of a project's workforce must come from the surrounding geographic area to promote the local economy.

Proposed Bill in California to Prohibit Confidentiality of Product Defect Settlement Agreement Fails

It seems that we regularly read news stories about defective products. You don't have to search too hard to find a current report on a defective airbag, children's toy or construction element.

Could Artificial Intelligence Transform Construction Sites?

Construction defects, heavy machinery operation errors and failed safety precautions can all put people in danger of being hurt or killed on a construction site. These dangerous conditions can, therefore, lead to serious penalties for noncompliant parties. As such, there are numerous state and federal regulations with which companies and property owners must comply.

3 Ways to Resolve Disputes if Construction Disrupts Your Business

The holiday season is the most important time of year for many California business owners, as it can be the final push to maximize profits. With all that is on the line, any issue that jeopardizes business can be catastrophic. One such issue is construction work.

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