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Employers: Are you protecting employee data?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | employment law

In a world dominated by technology, everything often boils down to data. Business owners must make sure they manage and protect everything from company data to consumer data. However, this wide range of categories that require employer attention also includes employee data.

Employers should make sure they secure their employees’ data as well, so they can reduce the risk of facing a lawsuit.

Are disputes over employee data on the rise?

According to Forbes, disputes regarding employee data could become a primary issue for businesses. The article highlights two cases involving claims that:

  • In one case, employers did not warn employees about the use of biometric data or inform them how they would store and protect the data
  • In the other, employers did not take the proper steps to protect employee data

Neither of these cases took place in California. However, the issues they address still pose problems to which all employers should pay attention. This is a growing concern for employees. And the focus on protecting consumer data only stoked the fire more. That is why employers must ensure they prioritize employee data security and comply with the protections under relevant laws.

Employee data is already a critical topic in California

Of course, concerns about data are nothing new for California employers. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as well as the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) both include protections for employees as well. The employee protections under CPRA will not go into full effect until 2023. However, employers should still:

  1. Review all legal requirements
  2. Prepare to comply with these laws by their respective deadlines

Protecting data is a priority nowadays – in both the business world and in our personal lives. However, employers could face serious penalties if they do not take steps to secure employee information or comply with these laws. It is important to strategize and put policies into effect now, so businesses are ready for when these deadlines arrive.