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Employers: Make workplace safety a priority

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Firm News

Maintaining a clean and safe workplace is an important matter that employers must take seriously. Hazards in the workplace can lead employers to face serious fines and even lawsuits in some cases.

In the last year, workplace safety has become more important than ever. This means that employers must make sure they comply with California workplace safety requirements.


Workplace safety is one of the major labor matters that you must understand, and because workplace rules ever-changing, it’s always worth reassessing the efforts you take regularly.

A few critical steps that employers should take annually generally include:

  • Staying up to date: Employers should not only review relevant laws, but they should make sure they are aware of any changes to workplace safety requirements. This includes changes in industry standards or reporting rules. It is often helpful for employers to consult an experienced attorney to confirm they comply with the necessary laws.
  • Revising training: It is also critical to evaluate employee training practices and content. Training is one of the most important matters of workplace safety, and employers could face liability if they do not train employees properly. Additionally, they should review the reporting procedures established for employees to voice their safety concerns.
  • Providing PPE: Personal protective equipment (PPE) has become another major issue in the last year. And an employer must provide their employees with the PPE they will need to stay safe on the job. Failing to do so can be serious for employers. For example, if PPE is addressed in the employee’s contract, employers could face claims that they breached the contract.
  • Posting notices: One simple measure that employers often overlook is ensuring they have the proper postings visible in the workplace. They must make sure they have the correct workplace posters in plain sight, according to California law.

Protecting employees – and their rights – in the workplace is critical. It is a proactive step that can help employers mitigate the risk of facing lawsuits down the line.