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Employer branding is more important than many think

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | employment law

Reputation is critical in the business world, and this essentially has two components. One is the reputation it has with consumers, and the other is the reputation with past, present and potential employees. Many business owners tend to focus on building the reputation they have with consumers, but do not tend to prioritize their reputation as an employer.


Employer branding has become an increasingly important tool in recruiting and retaining employees. There are many reasons it is important to maintain a positive employer brand, but there are two in particular that you must note:

  1. It is a preventative measure: On one hand, cultivating a positive employer brand with words and actions can help mitigate significant issues with employees. For example, a positive brand and culture can encourage employees to seek resolutions internally and prevent issues from escalating into legal claims.
  2. It is also a risk factor: On the other hand, your brand as an employer is yet another thing you must address and strategically protect if you face legal issues – particularly if you face employment litigation. Accusations from employees could put the employer brand, as well as the consumer brand, in jeopardy.

Employment disputes are not always avoidable. However, employers must approach them with the utmost care so they can manage legal risks while securing all the components of their brand for the future.


Many sources, including the Harvard Business Review, agree that it is critical for employers to conduct a brand audit. This can help employers scrutinize their brand’s current standing and determine how they can improve their brand. A thorough audit generally requires employers to:

  • Monitor their reputation online and externally
  • Review all internal documents, including applications and job descriptions
  • Organize surveys with current employees to gauge their perspectives

Regularly evaluating the brand can help demonstrate employers’ commitment to their business and employees, and protect their business in the long run.