How big of a problem is trademark infringement?

Protecting intellectual property is an important priority for many California businesses. Securing ownership of innovative and creative ideas can be the determining factor in whether your business moves from start-up to successful entity.

As such, it is crucial for business owners to understand the scope of problems that can come with violations of intellectual property ownership. This includes trademark infringement.

From a global perspective

According to reports, a whopping 81 percent of businesses worldwide experienced trademark infringement last year. And roughly one in five companies experienced between 11 and 20 cases of infringement.

In other words, trademark infringement claims have a massive impact on businesses. And the impact appears to be growing.

From a trademark-holder perspective

If you hold a trademark, infringement can affect you directly in a few critical ways.

  1. It can create confusion among your customers and prospective customers.
  2. It can cause damage to your brand. This is especially true if the infringing party delivers substandard products or services.
  3. It can reduce the loyalty of your customers.

As such, it is crucial for trademark owners to monitor potential violations. In the event of unauthorized used, legal action may be necessary.

From an infringing party's perspective

Using protected material without permission can lead to some serious consequences for those who violate trademark laws. Parties could face lawsuits, financial penalties, legal injunctions and even jail time, in some cases.

Consequently, it is important to avoid infringing a trademark. If you disagree with a claim against you, you should immediately consult a lawyer to help you explore your options for defending yourself and possibly challenging ownership.

Whether you believe your rights are being infringed, or you are being accused that you are infringing, you must take the matter seriously. Swift action and informed legal guidance is vital to a successful outcome.

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