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How to avoid contract disputes

At some point, disputes are inevitable with employees, partners, vendors or other businesses. You can take certain measures to reduce the chances of disputes by including certain provisions in your contracts with them, so we recommend employing these three important tips to prevent contract disputes.

Protecting yourself against construction defect claims

Nothing about building a new property is simple, and the bigger the project, the more there is usually to think about. The architect, engineers, general contractor, subcontractors, project manager, site supervisors and more, all working with the property owner or developer, who generally work with the lender. Potential buyers, tenants, suppliers and others are in play as well.

Wage and hour violations in the construction industry

A California construction firm called RDV Construction was recently found to have committed the biggest wage theft violation by a private company in the state’s history according to regulators. The firm will be fined almost $12 million for underpaying and withholding wages from employees. The company used workers for apartment, hotel and other building projects throughout Southern California.

Terminating an employee? Consider these things first.

Terminating an employee is not nearly as the media makes it seem. While nearly all California employees are “at-will” - meaning they may be terminated at any time for any legal reason - there are several factors employers should consider before terminating an employee to avoid claims of wrongful termination. Here are a few such items:

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