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Making your workplace work for millennials

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | business litigation, Firm News

Statistics show that people in their 20’s and 30’s comprise a significant portion of most workplaces. These millennial workers often have some experience under their belt, unlike younger employees, and they are typically skilled in navigating technological resources, which can be more difficult for older employees.

Considering the crucial role millennials fill in many companies, some California business owners may wonder how they can attract these employees.

What are they looking for?

This article in Forbes points out some of the most desirable features in a business that millennial employees look for:

  1. Valuing employee’s personal attributes
  2. Organizational transparency
  3. Remote work opportunities
  4. Appreciation for work-life balance
  5. Innovative, tech-savvy solutions

When you consider these features that millennials are looking for in their employment, you might decide to update or revise your own policies or approaches to better align with them.

Making workplaces more millennial-friendly

For instance, you may decide to invest in more technological services and tools to help your employees get work done more efficiently. Before you start adopting a host of new products and solutions, though, understand that modernizing a workplace can result in new partnerships, policies and vulnerabilities. Consider these decisions carefully to ensure you can continue to protect your business through a transition.

For example, you might think about making positions more flexible in terms of location and scheduling, but this can require consideration about the types of workers you hire and how they track their time. You will also want to be mindful of how you might protect information that workers access off-site.

Many business owners have started considering how to change their hiring practices to attract talented employees and motivate them with opportunities like promotions. While your hiring decisions are up to you, it’s important that discrimination does not play a role. In other words, don’t hire (or not hire) someone strictly because of their age.

As you can tell, making these changes is possible, but you should proceed thoughtfully and consult an attorney or human resources expert. Not only can these changes require significant financial investment, but they can also have legal repercussions and obstacles to consider.