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Trucking Companies, Truckers Plagued by Parking Problems

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Firm News, transportation & logistics

Parking may not seem like a serious issue to most motorists. At most, it can be an infrequent, sometimes expensive, headache. However, for those in the trucking and transportation industry, parking is among the most stressful parts of a driver’s job. It is also creating considerable challenges with regard to complying with federal regulations and avoiding financial waste, according to a recent report.

Why is parking such a problem?

Commercial truckers must stop driving after a certain number of hours on the road to sleep and rest. These limits are established in the Hours of Service regulations. When they stop, drivers typically look for safe, authorized parking spots.

However, there are not enough of these spots available. As such, drivers can spend at least an hour per trip looking for a place to park safely, which is stressful and results in wasted fuel and lost productivity. Drivers who cannot find a space may continue driving in excess of HOS regulations, or park in an unsafe location like an exit ramp. These decisions can result in hefty fines and possible accidents that lead to catastrophic damages.

Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions. Consequently, truckers and trucking companies can struggle to comply with regulations and may be faced with fines and liability issues that could jeopardize jobs and their business. Should these matters arise, resolving them quickly, typically with the assistance of competent counsel, can help minimize the damage. An attorney may be able to help minimize penalties associated with fines or offenses.