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3 Ways To Resolve Disputes If Construction Disrupts Your Business

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | construction defects

The holiday season is the most important time of year for many California business owners, as it can be the final push to maximize profits. With all that is on the line, any issue that jeopardizes business can be catastrophic. One such issue is construction work.

Construction work is often necessary to the safety and/or success for one business, but it can interfere with another’s business. In these situations, there are a few ways to resolve construction disputes that can arise.

Know the rules
Commercial leases often provide guidelines and protections regarding construction work. It should address when landlords must notify tenants of construction projects, what restrictions are in place to prevent interference with other businesses and whether rent reductions may be available.

If you are proposing construction work or if construction work on another site is infringing on your business (noise, mess or obstructing access to the customer), then you should review your lease to assess what options and protections may be in place to address the issue.

Make adjustments
Business owners should examine their options to adjust to the disturbance. That may mean securing signage from the contractors to alert customers that you are still open or work with landlords and other business owners in the area to develop parking solutions, promotions, and other strategies to attract customers during the disruption.

Take legal action
When these efforts fail or are not feasible, then legal action may be the only way to resolve a construction dispute.